My assignment

Several weeks ago I jokingly said to a young blogging friend of ours, “If I could get paid to blog I would be all set!”  He mentioned that actually people do get paid to blog and that if I could get Google ads and increase my readership I could actually make an income through my writing.

Intriguing.  However, since my blog is mostly me musing about my own rather ordinary life, I am pretty shocked when anyone else reads it, let alone when someone comments that it spoke to them, let alone when I get over 100 views in one day (that happened this week!).  There’s something pure about doing this because I want to, and not because I’m getting paid to do it. And actually, it’s not just that I want to, I’m still pretty compelled to write this blog almost every day, even after 107 posts!  I keep thinking I will run out of things to say, but you know, life keeps happening and God keeps showing up.  So, I keep writing.

About a month or so ago, I was bored one day and I started looking at what you need to do to get Google ads.  Step one, purchase your domain name.  Ok, so for $24 I purchased the domain name  As soon as I did that Word Press said they would be in contact with me when I had enough activity to warrant them giving me ads.  Sigh.  I figure I have to have 1000 views or so each day before that happens. My visions of living in my pajamas started fading fast.

But this morning when I checked my messages, a friend commented that she saw ads on my blog when she read it last night.  What?!  And, guys, they weren’t the sort of ads that I would endorse.  Nothing scandalous, to be sure, but not something I would select if given a choice.  Now, I have gone to my domain through several channels this morning and I do not see any ads.  Do you see ads?

Way back in July I started this blog because I had a lot of words inside of me that were pressing to get out. I was anxious about this move to Michigan and not knowing what I would be doing here.  For the past three and a half months, this blog has been the vehicle through which I have processed thoughts of transition, joy, frustration, happiness, fatigue, peace, loss, and hope.  I can’t place a value on how much it has meant to me to have the freedom and time to write every day.  I can’t tell you what I would pay for the kind of encouragement your feedback has given me.  This blog has been a priceless gift to me.

So, the thought that it might have been tarnished by ads was like an ink spot on a favorite white blouse.  Dear Word Press, don’t mess up my favorite blouse!

Ah, child, I gave you the blouse.  Keep wearing it.  It’s from me. If someone spills ink on it, I’ll use that, too.  I’ll let you know when it’s time to put on a different blouse. 

Yesterday all the gals from our Bible study sat together at the funeral for our friend’s husband. He had been diagnosed in 1997 with Alzheimer’s.  She had joyfully — amazingly joyfully — cared for him all these years, especially the last five.  She held his hand, prayed with him, sang to him, lifted him, dressed him, and was fully devoted to his care.  You should’ve seen her beam as she walked into and, later, out of the sanctuary accompanied by bagpipe music. The service was a celebration of life and, let me tell you, she was not going to miss out on the celebration of knowing that her husband was no longer suffering. Someone asked her if she will get back to the pottery that she loves to do now that she won’t be caring for her husband.  She smiled and said, “I don’t know; I’m waiting for my next assignment.”

Right now, ads or no ads,  this is my assignment.

Colossians 3:23

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart,

as working for the Lord, not for human masters.

4 thoughts on “My assignment

  1. First I will answer your question – yes there is an ad – it is for McDonalds – almost a little video about how they freeze their hamburgers – harmless :). Secondly – I would like to tell you a story. Several years back, before Facebook and our re-connection, I was at one of my women’s bible studies and one of the questions we were discussing was “who helped your growth in Christ when you were young – who helped to form your ideas”. Besides my parents, who were, of course, great role models and lived what they believed, I said you. Even way back then, you inspired and touched people in a way that you may never have known. You made it OK for me, in those difficult teen years, to want to learn and study the Word ! I have always had a very strong faith because of this. There was a time in college and after that I stopped going to church – not because I didn’t want to – but I, as many people do at this age, felt I could worship anywhere at any time and didn’t have to go to church to do it (but of course I didn’t do more than pray). There was never enough time – so many excuses. But then I had kids, and I wanted them to have the same experience that I did. The desire to learn more ! To have that same connection and hopefully find someone or many people, as I did, that can inspire them and help them grow in their faith !

    I am not nearly as good with words as you are, but I wanted to let you know, how much you touched my life back then and how you are now doing it again. I love to see that your blog is growing and will watch as it continues to grow and gather an even bigger base !!!


    1. Wow. How lovely of you to share this. You made my day. I really valued your kindness during those years. You were always just so nice to me. And so was your whole famiky.


  2. So happy I am getting to know you.. Some of us were dancing to Lord of the Dance at the dinner. Enjoyed reading your blog!


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