Kristin Rathje writes about the lessons she is learning as she moves through the many chapters of life. Common topics include education, faith, chronic health challenges, friendship, grace, and forgiveness. During the school year, she teaches English Language Arts in a high school in Detroit. She enjoys spending time with her husband, John, her golden retriever, Chester, and her children and grandchildren.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I have recently been made aware of your Blog, Kristin, hence…this visit. As is usual with you, I have not been disappointed. What a wonderful writer you are…and one of the most godly women I know. Thanks for sharing so honestly with all of us. God bless you and yours until I see you again.


  2. Hello Kristin, I love to read your blog. I just found out about it yesterday, as I was reading Redeemers newsletter. You are so good with explaining the issues regarding auto- immune symptoms, and “but you don’t look sick” that I hear so often. Thank you for sharing, I will keep you in my prayers for strength and healing. Say Hi to John and maybe get to see you soon !

    out it yesterday


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