We get to do this!

Today’s task?  Sports!

Saturdays have turned into a day when we watch sports almost all day long.  I’ve had a slow start to my morning, and am obviously still in my pajamas, but by 1:00pm, I will be sitting in the stands, watching my Concordia Cardinals take on Taylor University.  It’s a little chilly today, probably won’t reach sixty degrees, so I’ll have to bundle up.

Immediately following that game, we’ll dash home to warm up and watch what’s left of the Michigan State Spartans’ game against Purdue and probably several other great games.  We aren’t unlike countless others across the country who will be doing the same thing.

If we were still in St. Louis, I would be at Lutheran North’s homecoming today, cheering on the Crusaders, listening to the pep band, clapping with the cheerleaders, and laughing with friends.  I have watched all week as the staff and students have posted photos from spirit week — what fun!  I saw this morning the photos from last night’s pep rally and the coronation of the king and queen.  Such great kids, such great staff.  Really.  I am not just seeing through the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia.  That place is special.

And, I am learning, this place is special, too.  On Thursday night, we saw a performance of Little Women put on by Concordia.  It was fabulous!  The actors and actresses were committed to their roles and drew me in so that I didn’t even notice the fact that I was up at an event until almost 10:00 pm!  Before the show, we viewed an exhibit in the art gallery belonging to a faculty member who has collected movie memorabilia over the years.  The collector himself guided us through the tour of artifacts from Pulp Fiction, Casino Royale, Inglorious Bastards, Saving Private Ryan, and many other films. At the play, I sat next to one of the most influential professors in my academic career and, you know, made small talk about plays and such. Yeah, pretty special place.

I am not sure why God has led us on the path He has.  It seems that everywhere we go we are surrounded by fabulous people, doing incredible things. Why us?  Why do we get to do this?  Why do I get to sit here this morning in my pajamas, with a warm golden retriever sitting under my bare feet, next to my window that looks out on the woods that sit next to the river?  Why do I get to bundle up and go yell at a football game all afternoon?  Why do I get to sit next to my husband on my sectional sofa singing, “Go right through for M – S -U…” ?

I have no idea why we are so blessed.  But blessed we are.  And so thankful for all the incredible experiences God has allowed us to have and, even more, for all the amazing people has surrounded us with.

I Chronicles 16:34

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;

His lovingkindness is everlasting.

2 thoughts on “We get to do this!

  1. It blows me away too! so grateful…
    Im convinced part of – maybe all? – is Gods reminder of His abikity to handle “all things”. Not evrty day in the future may be like these, but a glimose at forever with Him, and a pointing to His heart that’s “for us”. These days bring my thoughts to the promises of Jesus’ love.


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