One thing leads to another

Last Friday morning, at about this time, we were preparing to take our oldest daughter to the airport.  The nest was just about empty.  I had no plans on the horizon…no idea how I was going to spend this past week.  I envisioned a lot of reading, TV watching, and walking.

And that has all happened, but I did not expect a simple chain of events.  And that chain has made the difference in my week.

At the end of the football game last Saturday, my husband introduced me to the wife of a friend that he has grown close to over the last year.  It was a quick interchange, but she took my number and said she would call to arrange a ‘play date’.  People do that all the time, you know.  I do it myself.  I tell people I am going to have them to dinner, or meet them for coffee, and I really mean to.  But then I get busy, you know, reading books and watching TV and going on walks.  I don’t follow through.

But she did.

She actually called on Monday and we made plans for Tuesday.  Somewhere during our chatting and shopping and eating on Tuesday, she asked if I’d like to go to a Bible study on Wednesday.  Seeing as I had no plans whatsoever, I agreed.  I haven’t been in a women’s Bible study in a few years.  I’ve been pretty busy doing stuff, you know…packing and moving and teaching and grading and parenting.  And, I hadn’t made it a priority.

The Bible study met in a local church — one that I had worshipped in several times as a college student and again a few times as an adult.  It was familiar. Around the table were sixteen women.  As we went around the table and introduced ourselves, I couldn’t help but wonder, “how am I going to be impacted by each of these women?”  This is how it starts, isn’t it?  We all have stories, “Well, I met Win way back in 1994.  I was at church, holding a baby, walking in the lobby because he was fussy. We’ve been friends ever since.”

Right now I know nothing about them, other than where they sat at the table, a little two or three sentence bio that each shared, and what they look like. But I know we are all walking through 1 and 2 Thessalonians together.  I know we all have committed to daily Bible study and prayer.  And I know that the “Word of God is living and active, sharper than any double-edged sword.”

Last Friday, I was driving my daughter to the airport.  This Friday, I did my homework for my Bible study and thought about sixteen women that I didn’t know a week ago.  I didn’t know them because I hadn’t yet gone to the Bible study, or gone out for a play date, or met a new friend, or gone to a football game.

One thing leads to another.  I wonder what is next.

Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him,

who have been called according to his purpose.

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