Expect the Unexpected, chapter 2

It’s funny, isn’t it?  The way that our expectations of how something will be shape our attitude in the now.  Yesterday morning I was in a funk because of what I thought the day would be, but it turned out nothing at all how I thought it would.  

The phone call about college finances was uneventful, and actually, by day’s end, we discovered that the situation, which was very manageable to begin with, was actually even better than we thought. Why I ever worry about money after all the ways we have been provided for over the years, I will never know. 

The shopping that I thought was going to consume my day turned into a thirteen dollar purchase at a local grocery store, an online backpack purchase, and two Starbucks drinks. 

The doctor’s appointment was potentially stressful, since my Google calendar converted the 1:00pm appointment time to 2:00pm when I moved to the Eastern time zone.  But, even though I arrived at 1:40, they checked me in and I was seen by a corneal specialist who, two and a half hours later, determined that my eyes look great. 

I got to leisurely cook a fabulous chicken curry dinner and enjoy it in the dining room with my husband and my daughter.  I finished my day reading fiction, that I chose, and that I can finish or not, whatever I decide. 

Yesterday was, by all counts, a pretty great day, in spite of my grumbling. 

So, ok, ok.  I am trying to learn this lesson.  “Be Still, little girl, uncross your arms and unwrinkle your brow.  I have got this.  I am God.  I have never left you or forsaken you.  I’ve actually carried you in the palm of my hand for 48 years. So, sit back, calm down, trust me.  I have got you.” ( Bible, Rathje Revised Version.)

So today’s plan is to just sit in His hand, internally being still, while I watch and see what He does.  You in? 



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