Putting it in Practice, revisit

#TBT A Recycled Post that still resonates.

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Editors Note: This is a re-post. As part of my TBT series, I am following each Monday post with a Thursday re-post. This post, first written in May of 2017, looks at the same concept of “practicing” disciplines that I explored earlier this week. 

I’m beginning to think that lessons are never fully learned, or as we say in the field, mastered, but rather that ourlessons require continuing practice.

A child sits at a piano slowly fingering the do, re, mi, fa, so of a C-major scale. Over and over she plays, repeatedly faltering at one particularly tough spot where the thumb has to cross under two fingers in order to hit all eight notes in the octave. Sure, sure, after hours upon hours of practice, the scale becomes easier, therhythm more consistent and measured, but let that pianist take a month away from the keys, and almost assuredly…

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One thought on “Putting it in Practice, revisit

  1. Thank you my long time friend for your wisdom and counsel. There is a Healer and His name is Jesus and the healing doesn’t always come like we expect or assume it will. I’m living proof of that. I need the Healer more than the healing as the song goes. Bless you!!


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