Stepping outside

What if I branched out and, in an attempt to put down 300 words a day, I wrote on my phone while taking my lunch time walk?

Would that be weird? Say, hypothetically, I left the office as I usually do, bag flung over my shoulder, name tag still affixed to my chest, and I simultaneously got in 2,000 steps and 300 words? Weird?

I mean, I rarely pass anyone else on my walks. Sometimes I catch up on a podcast; one day recently, my husband and I negotiated a counter-offer on the house we’re selling during my walk. It’s 60 minutes I have every day that get spent on something. Why not spend them on my blog?

The only problem is that on my phone, I can’t see a word count, so I’ve got to go by feel. I bet I’m getting close. I mean, the goal is just to get down 300 words a day until something happens, right?

Well, there you go.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as though for the Lord. Colossians 3:23

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